About us

Our story begins in the United States, in the heart of a man who, distraught by the death of his father victim of alcoholism on the streets of Miami; He was motivated by God to bring help to those who needed it most.

This is how Dunklin Memorial Camp was born in Okeechobee Florida in the heart of Mikey and Laura Maye Evans in 1962.

This same ministry was extended to Costa Rica as a restoration ministry on November 1990.


Our mission is to offer a space of tranquility and silence, surrounded by nature to a select group of men with desires for personal improvement.

We prepare families through christian teachings, to be able to face difficult situations such as: loss, divorce, alcoholism, aggression and others contrary to the family.

Nuestro objetivo es el rescate y restauración de la familia. Además, ofrecemos:

  • Support for churches
  • Pastoral counseling
  • We attend to emergencies